is young gun started when he was only 13 years old. His goal was set on taking Hardcore to the next level. In 2010 he became a regular at Gabber.FM, and created a fanbase. In 2012 he discovered that Hardcore wasn’t his only passion in Hard Dance music. He found love in Hardstyle as well, Codis was born. Codis already played at a big festival called “Outdoor Stereo Festival” in Hoorn. This is where people could hear what he had in store for the first time.
Codis is known for his versatile productions that varies from Techy house or dance/EDM influenced music to the harder styles of dance music. He has an ‘outside the box’ view on music. He came in touch with Tim (T-Junction), he asked if Joeri could send him some demos. After sending a few demos, Tim said that he’d be good enough to release an EP. After visiting a few festivals himself he felt that his love for Hardcore was growing again. Thinking about how he would make a new alias, inspired by history, he came with the name M.A.D

War, is just the start of something destructive


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